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Windows 10 Pet Hates

So after my friends keep telling me how much better Windows 10 is than 8.1 I thought I’d give in to the Microsoft nagging and upgrade.

Admittedly it looks good and I’ve not encountered any real compatibility issues yet.

Now for a few things that I have noticed since┬áthe update…

Default Applications Changed

I use Chrome for web-browsing and Notepad++ for text editing but these were both reset during the upgrade process. Changing default browser back isn’t a problem, however changing the default text editor back to Notepad++ (a 32-bit application) was a few more steps than it should have been – could be simpler.

Occasional Graphic Redraw Issues

When I switch between applications (especially Visual Studio) there are redraw issues and I have to switch back a couple of times or move the window for the redraw to be corrected. Possibility this is a graphics card or VS error so I’m looking out for more examples.


I haven’t bothered Googling this because it should have been a part of the Cortana intro: what voice command starts Cortana listening? Google has “OK Google”, Samsung has “Hi Galaxy”. What works for Cortana?

A little search using my Galaxy personal assistant revealed “Hey Cortana” as a possible wake up phrase but it didn’t work for me.

So nice idea but if it’s to move people from keyboards to voice search, make it more intuitive.

System Use

Actually CPU use and disk use are lower but RAM use is higher in my experience. However it does seem nice and responsive.

Start Up

Slower start-up time: W8.1 was static on password screen inside 15 sec, whereas it’s around 30 for W10 plus it’s sometimes a little unresponsive at first.

Upgrade Nagging

Actually the most annoying part was the constant upgrade nagging from Microsoft as it’s little nag windows popped up on restarts and wake-ups. The actual upgrade process was painless.

Upgrade Source

I have 3+ devices eligible for upgrade to Windows 10 but I don’t want them all to have to download the 3+GB update. It should be made obvious on the upgrade advisor how you can download once, burn and upgrade all computers.

more to add as I find it, A

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