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Starting Again

Aaron Reynolds

Aaron Reynolds

I recently closed my personal website because I simply wasn’t using it. There was no point hosting a blog just for spammers to try commenting on everything with their usual mix of flair and imagination.

I kept the previous posts but I see no point in restoring them at this point – there really wasn’t much that the world can’t go on without.

Now I find myself wondering what to write. In this time of micro-blogging where we condense our thoughts into 140 characters or less, you really need to feel strongly about a subject to go to the trouble of writing in sentences.

My old blog was primarily aimed at documenting some of my more interesting coding moments – i.e. those that I’d be referring back to and could help others on their journey. The truth is that recently I’ve not been particularly taxed in this area. I don’t feel like I’ve been working on any particularly ground-breaking or useful work. Certainly nothing that merits more than an occasional tweet.

I have a list of work that I want to get into and I think now is the time to delve in and start pushing my boundaries again. With a little luck and the occassion extra hour in the day I’ll be updating this blog again soon with nuggets that merit more that 140 characters.


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