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Windows 10 Pet Hates

So after my friends keep telling me how much better Windows 10 is than 8.1 I thought I’d give in to the Microsoft nagging and upgrade. Admittedly it looks good and I’ve not encountered any real compatibility issues yet. Now for a few things that I have noticed since┬áthe update… Default Applications Changed I use […]

Setup an Exchange email account on Android (Heart Internet)

Android and Exchange

This describes how to setup an exchange email account on android for a domain hosted with heart internet.

WPF: Custom Expander (to fix Header alignment)

This post describes how to create a custom Expander control to fix issues with the alignment of content in the Header element of the Expander control. Edit: it is also possible to do something similar using the method is this post by Patrick Jones/John Smith however my method gives you the option to customise the […]

SqlBulkCopy inserting all Nulls using ODBC

Today I was trying to import a set of numbers through a system I’ve used hundreds of times but kept finding that although thousands of rows were being imported, they were all full of Null values – I mean ALL of the values were Nulls. At first I looked for a fault in my program […]

Starting Again

Aaron Reynolds

I recently closed my personal website because I simply wasn’t using it. There was no point hosting a blog just for spammers to try commenting on everything with their usual mix of flair and imagination. I kept the previous posts but I see no point in restoring them at this point – there really wasn’t […]