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Setup an Exchange email account on Android (Heart Internet)

Android and Exchange

Android and Exchange

This describes how to setup an exchange email account on android for a domain hosted with heart internet.

I asked Heart Internet to add this to their knowledge base a year ago but I can’t find it so here are the settings you need to add one of their Exchange accounts to your Android device.

DOMAIN:Username: \user@domainname
Password: xxxxxxxxxx
Exchange Server: exchange.outitgoes.com

[x] Use SSL
[x] Accept all SSL

It seems to be that iPhone guides are done as a matter or course but Blackberry and Android are left out. Usually the settings are identical just the manner of adding the accounts is different – so why not mention Android and Blackberry or Windows Phone in the title?

4 thoughts on “Setup an Exchange email account on Android (Heart Internet)

  • Rich says:

    Can’t get those settings to work for me Aaron – Currently the support DB still does not offer any guidance.

    I contacted support and they confirmed there is no guide but mentioned that the server (in my case) should be cluster1.exchange.outitgoes.com – Still doesn’t seem to work and tried this with your settings too

    I’ll report back when I get it bossed

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