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Setup an Exchange email account on Android (Heart Internet)

Android and Exchange

Android and Exchange

This describes how to setup an exchange email account on android for a domain hosted with heart internet.

I asked Heart Internet to add this to their knowledge base a year ago but I can’t find it so here are the settings you need to add one of their Exchange accounts to your Android device.

DOMAIN:Username: \user@domainname
Password: xxxxxxxxxx
Exchange Server: exchange.outitgoes.com

[x] Use SSL
[x] Accept all SSL

It seems to be that iPhone guides are done as a matter or course but Blackberry and Android are left out. Usually the settings are identical just the manner of adding the accounts is different – so why not mention Android and Blackberry or Windows Phone in the title?

3 thoughts on “Setup an Exchange email account on Android (Heart Internet)

  • Rich says:

    Can’t get those settings to work for me Aaron – Currently the support DB still does not offer any guidance.

    I contacted support and they confirmed there is no guide but mentioned that the server (in my case) should be cluster1.exchange.outitgoes.com – Still doesn’t seem to work and tried this with your settings too

    I’ll report back when I get it bossed

    • There was an update/migration at Heart and so these settings might be out of date now. Just checking for up-to-date details…


    • …having checked, if you just let the Android mail app setup the mailbox automatically, it now works (just tested on my Note 3).

      So simply enter the email address, password and when prompted, select the Exchange/ActiveSync option.


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